2020 CCA Annual Meeting Session Videos

Education On-Demand to Meet Your Needs

The CCA’s 2020 Annual Meeting doesn’t need to be a distant memory, the program’s timely, relevant and engaging educational sessions are available for your viewing! Perhaps you attended last October and missed a session? Maybe you want to listen to a session a second time. Or, maybe, you didn’t attend the meeting in October and wish you had. 

The good news: several of the highly rated session videos are now available for a nominal fee. CCA members who attended the 2020 CCA Annual Meeting have access at no cost. 

No matter if you are looking for one recording or all 48, you have the ability to purchase exactly what you want with our three options.

 MemberCCA Members who attended the 2020 Annual MeetingNon-Member
Single Session$60$0$90
Set of 5 Sessions$200$0$300
Full Set of Sessions$400$0$600



The following session recordings are available for purchase, or included in the full bundle of videos.

  • Executive Compensation: Knowing What's Important to Your Clients
  • Macroeconomics of Aging
  • Modeling and Other Cross-Practice ASOPs
  • M&A – All the Actuaries in the Room
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • The Art of Coaching

  • Current Topics in Medicare Advantage and Part D
  • Direct Primary Care Delivery Models - What is it and How Can Employers Benefit?
  • HCCI Potpourri and Transparency
  • Hospital Consolidation and the Impact on Healthcare Costs
  • New Health Plan Innovators
  • Predictive Analytics and Big Data: What Can I do with it?
  • Social Determinants of Health: Not Just a Buzz Word
  • Stop Loss: A Deeper Dive
  • Value-Based Care Through Physician Groups: An Actuarial Perspective

  • Global Retirement Adequacy with an Aging Population
  • Global Wellness, Mental Health, and Impact on Employee Productivity
  • Learning to Hedge Your Bets – Maximizing Use of Risk-Diversified Captives

  • Prediction is Very Difficult, Especially About the Future
  • Testing LDI Strategies - How Well do They Work?

  • Is This Multiemployer Plan Still Working for Us and if Not, What Would?
  • Multiemployer Funding Legislative Update
  • Recent Withdrawal Liability Court Decisions

  • ASOPs for Public Plans
  • How Do We Pay for Pensions? Public Plan Financing Sources
  • How Much Do Pensions Need? Public Plan Funding Policies
  • OPEB - Anything But GASB
  • Public Pension Plan Benefit Administration Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Flip Side: Pension Benefits Assessment

  • An Aging Workforce: Cost vs Value
  • Booming or Busting? Extreme Plan Sponsor Situations
  • Dialogue With the PBGC
  • Executive Benefits: Strategy and New Developments
  • Financing Nonqualified Plan Liabilities
  • Funding Strategies - Getting the Most Bang for Your Clients' Buck
  • IFRS vs. US GAAP Accounting
  • Investment Strategies for DC Plans
  • IRC 430/436 - What Works Well and What Doesn't Work Well
  • Late Breaking Developments
  • Retirement Plan Provisions of the SECURE and CARES Acts
  • Small Plan Design Issues
  • Small Plan Primer
  • So Your Plan is Being Audited by the Government - What Now?
  • Social Security - What You Need to Know
  • Stay in Your Lane: How Not to (Inadvertently) Become a Fiduciary
  • Successfully Working With PBGC
  • The Gray Area of Professional Judgement
  • The Masked EA: America's Got EA Talent