The Proceedings of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries

About The Proceedings

The Proceedings is the professional journal of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. The CCA makes available these proceedings so as to promote the interchange of information among actuaries and the various actuarial organizations, and to keep its publics informed of the viewpoints and activities of the professional consulting actuary.

The Proceedings contains research papers authored by CCA members and others and transcripts of certain sessions presented at the Annual Meetings. The ideas presented at this meeting have been prepared by members of the CCA and volunteers. Virtually all of the material is presented in non-technical language in order to give readers an understanding of the consulting actuary's views, and the views of the other consultants in the field of employee benefits and insurance. A wide variety of current subjects are addressed in this material.

The Proceedings reflects the views of the authors and does not necessarily represent the position of the CCA. Neither CCA nor its officers, members, or staff assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy of information contained herein nor the appropriateness of its use with specific clients. Each actuary is advised to make an independent judgment regarding the content and use of this information.

The CCA wishes to express its gratitude to all persons who have contributed to these proceedings. We especially thank those who are not members of the CCA for their valuable contributions to the Annual Meeting and The Proceedings.

Table of Contents from the Latest Volumes of The Proceedings

Flat Rate Pricing for Articles from The Proceedings

PDF versions of articles from The Proceedings are available for purchase through the CCA website. Articles are now available for a flat rate of $40 per article, and are delivered via e-mail upon receipt of payment. To purchase an article from The Proceedings, please submit your $40 payment and contact the CCA office with the title and volume number of the article.

A Selection of Articles From The Proceedings

  • The UP-1984 Table (Vol 25)
  • Actuarial Involvement in Divorce Litigation (Vol 33)
  • (1985 Buck Tables) Note on a New Mortality Table for Use in Pension Plans (Vol 35)
  • 1985 Disability Study (Vol 36)
  • (1989 Buck Tables) A Corporate Pension Plan Mortality Table Based on Recent Experience (Vol 39)
  • Defined Benefit Plans Versus Defined Contribution Plans: A Reassessment (Vol 40)
  • 1991 Long Term Care Continuance Tables (Vol 41)
  • Asset Allocation & Funding Policy Projection Studies (Vol 43)
  • (1995 Buck Tables) Corporate Pension Plan Mortality Tables Based on Recent Experience (Vol 45)