CCA Proposed Membership Dues Increase FAQs

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the CCA’s finances and ensuring the financial health of the organization. This includes setting recommendations for annual membership dues. Recently, the Board of Directors recommended a $45 dues increase to help maintain CCA's strong financial health now and into the future. 

It has been six years since the membership has been asked to approve a dues increase. As you know, the cost of doing business continues to increase. It is a priority of the Board to ensure that the CCA continues to have strong financial health now and into the future. 

The CCA membership is strong and committed to the organization. This is evident by the long tenure of membership and the high membership renewal rate – members typically only leave the organization because they retire. It is because of committed members like you that the CCA continues to set the standard for high quality educational content, professionalism and networking. The Board wants to continue providing you with access to timely, relevant content, programming and services. 

CCA membership dues account for about 30 percent of the organization’s total annual revenue. Since the last dues increase in 2016, many benefits have been added due to CCA’s successful management of its financial position. These added benefits support your professional development and expand your knowledge. These include: 

  • Annual online Wall Street Journal subscription
  • Annual Actuview subscription
  • Expanded webinar series
  • Specialty content tracks at the Enrolled Actuaries Conference and the CCA Annual Meeting
  • Website rebuild
  • Online communities – CCA hosts several online networking forums for members. This is one place members connect and communicate with each other throughout the year. The online communities include dynamic discussion forums. Additionally, community members connect regularly through hosted community calls (using Zoom), a series of moderated leadership interviews – also on Zoom – and face-to-face networking receptions at the CCA Annual Meeting. 

Each of the programs and benefits above are provided so that the CCA may support your drive to provide outstanding service for your clients and employers. This includes opportunities to expand your network, tap into relevant and applicable professional content and stay at the forefront of what is happening in the profession. 

The CCA Board of Directors and staff are committed to supporting you professionally. As we look at where we’ve been and where we’re going, increasing the dues will help us ensure a sound financial future for the CCA. 

The CCA Board of Directors is proposing to increase membership dues from $425 to $470. 

The annual membership fee for retired members is 50% of the non-retired member rate. If the proposed dues increase is approved by the membership, the annual dues for retired members will be $235. 

If approved, the dues increase will be effective with the 2022 dues renewal invoices that are sent to all members in early December 2021.  

The Budget and Finance Committee, working with the Board of Directors, meets regularly to manage and control the finances, including our reserve funds. They work diligently to determine how the organization’s funds are managed.

The CCA continues to pursue opportunities to increase non-dues revenue to support strategic initiatives that benefit your professional development and keep you informed about timely subjects/topics. This includes events and conferences, organizational and corporate webinar annual subscriptions and sponsorship support. 

The CCA has strategically invested funds in technology and data security. This was a critical investment over the past couple of budget years that ensures the organization will continue meeting your professional needs and deliver to you a secure, modern-day online experience. This includes: 

  • Rebuilding the organization’s website, which launched in June 2021
  • Upgrading the member database and improving processes for a better online experience
  • Online community forums and social media platforms that connect the membership and nurture networking opportunities

Additionally, in 2019, the Board approved new organizational brand guidelines that reflect a more modern look and feel. This includes a new logo and guidelines on graphics and copywriting. This fresh, new approach positions the CCA to attract new members, while articulating the organization’s value and the benefits of joining. 

2021 Dues RatesApproximate Organization Size
CCA$4251,500 members
SOA $725 30,000+ members
Academy $72019,500 members
CAS $6159,100 members
ASPPA$650 16,000 members

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