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Multiemployer Issues Affecting Us All June 13, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Presenters cover multiemployer issues that affect many employers and millions of participants. They provide an overview of PBGC's multiemployer program, focusing on the calculation of the guarantee. They also provide an overview of PBGC insolvency projections and what happens to benefits being paid from the guarantee fund in the event of its insolvency. Presenters also review the Withdrawal Liability rules for multiemployer plans, including how Withdrawal Liability is calculated and impacts employers.

Note that the allocation of EA credit depends on the actual content of the session.

Session Category
Employee Benefits - Retirement/Consulting Issues
EA Core1.50


  • 1 Michael John Noble Cheiron, Inc.
  • 2 James J. Donofrio Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
  • 3 Justin D. Clinger Vanguard